Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Cities and their policymakers face enormous pressures as they seek to meet today’s mobility challenges. As rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure, population growth and climate change continue to challenge our world’s cities, those that choose to make bold moves in advancing and diversifying their urban transport systems will gain a competitive advantage –- we see that… Continue reading Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

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Measures vs Dimensions:- Everything you need to know

Hey Folks, Hope everyone doing great.! In Tableau, all other BI tools and relational databases in general, understanding the concept of dimensions and measures play a very important role. All fields are majorly categorized into measures and dimension.  Let's understand each one of them in detail with some examples:- Measures In general, those fields which are… Continue reading Measures vs Dimensions:- Everything you need to know

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Tableau Server:- Disk space is full?

Hello Folks, Hope everyone doing great.!! Few days back all my extracts published on Tableau server starts failing, most of them are on 15 min refresh schedule. While looking for the root cause, i found that there is no enough disk space in the system where Tableau server is installed. (You can see this from… Continue reading Tableau Server:- Disk space is full?

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ODBC driver with Tableau:- How to connect, join and its working

Hope everyone doing great..!! Recently in one of my project, I got a chance to connect tableau with Cassandra which is a NoSQL database. I heard many times about NoSQL databases so I was excited to work with it. let's discuss how to connect tableau with Cassandra and some of the fact when we join… Continue reading ODBC driver with Tableau:- How to connect, join and its working


Global Life Expectancy Since 1960

The statistic “Life expectancy at birth” actually refers to the average number of years a newborn is expected to live if mortality patterns at the time of its birth remain constant in the future. In other words, it’s looking at the number of people of different ages dying that year, and provides a snapshot of these… Continue reading Global Life Expectancy Since 1960


Public Holidays around the world

It's a bank holiday tomorrow. Praise by. But the UK only has eight of the joyous day each year (New Year Holiday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Late May Bank Holiday, August Bank Holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing). That does not compare favourably with most other nations (indeed, Jeremy Corbyn recently sought to woo… Continue reading Public Holidays around the world


Adult Obesity in the United States

According to the most recent data, adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in five states, 30 percent in 25 states, and 25 percent in 46 states. West Virginia has the highest adult obesity rate at 37.7 percent and Colorado has the lowest at 22.3 percent. The adult obesity rate decreased in Kansas between 2015… Continue reading Adult Obesity in the United States


Snow fall – Whistler,BC,Canada

Climate Normals and Averages are used to summarize or describe the average climatic conditions of a particular location. At the completion of each decade, Environment and Climate Change Canada updates its Climate Normals for as many locations and as many climatic characteristics as possible. The Climate Normals, Averages and Extremes offered here are based on… Continue reading Snow fall – Whistler,BC,Canada


Restricted Dietary Requirements Around the Globe

WHAT’S IN OUR FOOD AND ON OUR MIND -INGREDIENT AND DINING-OUT TRENDS AROUND THE WORLD Nearly two-thirds of global respondents (64%) say they follow a diet that limits or prohibits consumption of some foods or ingredients, and the rates are even higher in certain regions. More than eight in 10 African/Middle Eastern respondents (84%) say… Continue reading Restricted Dietary Requirements Around the Globe