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2018.2 is here: Tableau new release

Tableau 2018.2 is finally here and that too with lots of feature.

2018.1 was full of new exciting features, and was release in 1st quarter of 2018 with a new nomenclature of product version. For me 2018.2 version was one of the most awaited release as it has new features like automatic mobile layouts, spatial joins, Data performance improvements for MDX queries and cross data base joins, and few improvements in Tableau extensions.

Tableau desktop:


Tableau Prep:


Tableau Server:


Tableau Online:


Source: Tableau

2 thoughts on “2018.2 is here: Tableau new release”

  1. Hi Anil,

    I’m liking all your publishing’s,and getting a good understanding out of it.So far my readings through your publishing’s were good.little felt like,some real time examples were missing.Just a piece of advice here,can we have your posts about tableau explained with a real time example,because relating anything with an example can give the viewers more better understanding,rather than just reading the actual concept alone.



    1. Thanks Sandeep for your valuable feedback.
      Point Noted. I have some posts on real-life challenges. I hope it will surely be going to be helpful for all the readers.
      Anil Saini


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