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Delhi Tableau User Group(Delhi TUG) Meetup: 19th May,18

Do you attend Meetups/business events?

Meetups, Conferences, networking, and peer group events should certainly be a regular part of everyone’s diary. I get great value from attending such events, both from a personal and professional development perspective. I find they energize and inspire me a lot.

Before proceeding further I would like to thank you all for appreciating my previous blog How I become Data Monarch in Tableau Community and Key Learnings

Saturday, 19th May 2018. What a day it was. People from Delhi NCR get together at Sapient Gurgaon to attend Delhi TUG Meetup.

This was my first time when I was attending TableauUG meetup, so I had a lot of expectations from this meetup which includes quality discussion on some business problems and some of the technical challenges which people used to face while working with Tableau and also meeting new people which I love the most 😀

What is Tableau User group?

The Tableau Community is made up of users from across the world, from every type of organization, using data analysis to solve nearly every problem imaginable. A Tableau User Group (TUG) is any group of Tableau users, enthusiasts or fans that choose to associate with one another in some fashion. This is often the best way to learn fascinating new ways to approach data discovery and storytelling. Being in this group you’ll get an opportunity to connect with Tableau users who are in your area or share your interest and expertise.

Know more about Tableau User group and TUG around you.

What so special about this meetup(Delhi TUG 19th May,18)


This meetup was started with the introduction of Sapient and how they are working in BI/Analytics space, followed by a session by Mr. LaxmiNarayana on introduction and importance of Tableau community.

All of a sudden, during his session, he mentioned me and introduced that we have one of the Data Monarch(the highest Community rank holder) between us. We never talked before and this introduction of mine was I believe not in their agenda items. At once, I was like, Me? this was not planned, it was completely unexpected. I was one of the attendees there, but the way they greet me and address me.  Such a proud moment it was. 🙂 Thanks to his kind nature and his appreciation towards my work.

Then, we had two very useful, interactive session by Mr. Ankur Batla on

1. Creating a viz which shows the best Startup out of 1000 startups to invest for according to the following 3 metrics: 1) High Revenue,   2) Low Expenses, 3) Top Growth. See data here

Startup Quadrant

2. An animated dashboard combining fertility rate and life expectancy and Population from the 1950s. Recreates a well-known visualization using only Tableau capabilities. A good example of when animation adds value to a dashboard. See data here


DSC_0838 (1)

As I mentioned it was an interactive session, so during this, he was explaining us some of the features of Tableau like sets, groups, parameters, dashboards and its best practice when it comes to sizing etc. and we had quality discussion on topics like the difference between sets and groups, sets and filters, how top N filter is different from Top N set, is there any performance factor when we use Top N set as filter.

There were few ideas which we discussed like Animation doesn’t work with Tableau Public and server, it should work there as well(only manual drag is available).


During the break, we had the quality discussion with multiple people regarding where they work, what kind of domain/industry they are into, how much data they handle, how they are taking the best out of Tableau, their technical challenges & business problems.


DSC_0866In, short we make the best use of break time 😀 by getting familiar with Techies around us, which I guess should be the major Agenda for any meetups.

And a special kudos to Sapient Razorfish Team for hosting this meetup, arranging snacks 😀  for attendees.

Key Takeaway/Learning:

  • Attending meetups is always fun, you’ll get to meet people around you working on same tech stack.
  • Always learning when you see, understand and solve others’ business problem and technical challenges.
  • Workaround of some common problems ( e.g. how to remove “abc” when we don’t have any measure field).
  • Best way to get in touch with organizing team if you want to host/present/organize next meetup.

And all this was possible because of one guy, Delhi TUG leader Mr. LaxmiNarayana. A special thank to him and his core team member for organizing this event and inviting all of us to attend this meet. It was a great learning experience for me. Looking forward to more such meetups.

Thanks for reading this.

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