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How I become Data Monarch in Tableau Community and Key learnings

“The best way to learn is to learn from people and the best place to learn is to learn from the community.” – Anil Saini

Do you know, people who are achieving a lot in Tableau are super active and contribute a lot to Tableau community?

Yes, Tableau community,
the place where you’ll always find solutions for your Tableau problems,
the place where you can share your findings and get appreciations,
the place where you make this product better through your ideas,
the place where you learn and grow by helping people others,
the place where you meet a lot of like-minded people,
the place where get a chance to meet/connect other Tableau experts around you.

Click here to know more about Tableau community.

10th May 2018, a big day for me 🙂 Earned the highest reputation (Data Monarch) on Tableau Community.  Also jumped to the 18th position in Community Leaderboard- Rolling 12 months where I found myself as the only fastest Data Monarch in last 12 months 😀


In 2017, When I joined Srijan, I started working with Cassandra, as it was a completely new piece for me to connect Tableau with Cassandra, and we faced a lot of challenges, and as I said when challenges come into the existence,  Community is the best placed to learn and get your problem solved. I still remember how quickly I got my issues solved (see that discussion:, also people gave me some additional links which also helped me in better understanding.

This intrigued me to explore more about Tableau community and participate in solving others’ problems. I keep continuing this and after few months I realized

  • I learned a lot while solving other issues, this helped me in exploring tool as well as implementing different business logic and requirements so as to get the best out of this product.
  • I started following people whom I found very active in the community and which lead me in enhancing my explanation skills which include the quality of in-detail explanation of my queries as well as the solution I gave.

Although I never planned to reach the highest reputation, but my plan was very simple and it consists of two parts, one is if you have any queries, try to solve that but if you couldn’t, seek out help from the community and other is don’t waste your free time, instead log into Tableau community saw the recent discussion and try to help out others.

This thought process helped me in growing technically. And it always feels good when people started following your work, appreciate you.


Key Takeaway/benefits:

  1. Don’t waste your time and keep engage yourself in learning, helping others and grow your skills.
  2. We have communities for like every technology, try participating there, seek help, try to help others. Soon, you will find yourself growing and people also starting appreciating you and your work.
  3. After participating, you will have a place where you can showcase your work, your thought process, your discussions, ideas, blogs etc. Believe me, this will make you stand out from the crowd.
  4. You will get a chance to work on business problems/logic of different domains/industries.

Thanks for reading this. Love to hear your feedback, query if any.

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