U.S. Per Capita Consumption of Poultry and Livestock

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Thank you all for appreciating my previous blog on Tableau and JS series- Part 1.

Do you know how the consumption of Poultry and Livestock in U.S. varies from 1960 to now? 
MakeoverMonday, which is one of my favorite platform for social data projects has published one project on Poultry and Livestock consumption in U.S., In this blog, we will be going to discuss the existing visual representation of the same and after that, we’ll discuss how can we improve that and what I did.



What can be improved in this visualization:-

  1. Very neat and clean line graph but more information can be shown instead of simple consumption trend.
  2. Three different colors for each animal but some infographics will surely increase the look and feel.
  3. Some interactivity is missing to engage the user.


What I did:- (Download Animated viz)


  1. I have used three different icons to represent for which animals I am going to show some insights.
  2. Three different colors for these logos, blue for Beef, red for Pork and yellow for Chicken, and that the same color I used in the line graph.
  3. Most importantly, my viz is an animated viz in which it shows how % increase in consumption from 1960 over the year. You can download the Tableau workbook to see animated version (click here).
  4. On the top, right below the icons, there is the total consumption of each animal category for each year.


Thanks, guys for reading this. Feel free to add comment/suggestion on this.

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