American Teens’ Favorite Apps

Snapchat is American teens’ favorite social media app — and Facebook can’t be happy about that




What can be improved in this visualization:-

  1. Logo for each help will definitely makes it more attractive.
  2. color of bar can be as per color of the brand to make more specific to that particular app.
  3. As the year/quarter of the year is shown above as a legend but if it would be on the axis then it would be really easy to understand the growth over period of time.
  4. More details related to this viz can be added to make it more informative


What I did:- (see interactive viz)

Teens Favorite Apps

  1. Heading with logo now making more impact on the purpose of this viz
  2. Introduced logo for each app to make it easily understandable for everyone.
  3. Period as year is clearly visible and now anyone can understand the growth/fall in followers from 2015 to 2017
  4. Description on the top says a summarized information about this viz.
  5. Yellow color theme is to make this viz for success of snapchat.


Thanks guys to reading this.

Feel free to add comment/suggestion on this. Love to hear from you.


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