The World as 100 People

The world population has now reached 7.5 billion people. In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education-- today that number has jumped to 7. Source:- , makeovermonday week 48 If the World were 100 PEOPLE: 50 would be female 50 would be male25 would be children There would be 75 adults, 9… Continue reading The World as 100 People

Thought Article

Tableau Dashboard Life Cycle

A dashboard is a vital tool to understand the business performance of an organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs) of their business. The successful implementation of a dashboard is complex and requires a step-by-step process—a methodology that considers all aspects of the project lifecycle. Let's see the… Continue reading Tableau Dashboard Life Cycle

Tips and Tricks

More than 16 dimension in Tableau: Quick tip

Few years back when I just started working on Tableau, I had a requirement of showing a detailed report(tabular view) in Tableau, which was having overall 17 columns. But in Tableau up-to 6 columns it works fine, but as soon as we add 7th column, it starts concatenating columns from the first. And when you… Continue reading More than 16 dimension in Tableau: Quick tip


American Teens’ Favorite Apps

Snapchat is American teens' favorite social media app — and Facebook can't be happy about that Source:-   What can be improved in this visualization:- Logo for each help will definitely makes it more attractive. color of bar can be as per color of the brand to make more specific to that particular app. As… Continue reading American Teens’ Favorite Apps


Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Cities and their policymakers face enormous pressures as they seek to meet today’s mobility challenges. As rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure, population growth and climate change continue to challenge our world’s cities, those that choose to make bold moves in advancing and diversifying their urban transport systems will gain a competitive advantage –- we see that… Continue reading Sustainable Cities Mobility Index