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ODBC driver with Tableau:- How to connect, join and its working

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Recently in one of my project, I got a chance to connect tableau with Cassandra which is a NoSQL database. I heard many times about NoSQL databases so I was excited to work with it.

let’s discuss how to connect tableau with Cassandra and some of the fact when we join Cassandra key-spaces( Yes..!! join Cassandra key-spaces)

Let me first give you a brief about Cassandra, Cassandra is a distributed database from Apache that is highly scalable and designed to manage very large amounts of structured data. It provides high availability with no single point of failure.

The basic difference between SQL and NoSQL.

Image result for sql vs nosql

Steps to connect Tableau with Cassandra.

Step 1:- As there is no direct connectivity option to connect to Cassandra is available in Tableau Data Source connection page, so the only option is to connect via ODBC driver, there are many drivers available like DataStax, Simba etc

So first we need to download the Cassandra ODBC driver (Click here) and install the .msi file which is downloaded



and once done, click finish.

Step 2:- Open ODBC Administrator of your system, and go to SYSTEM DSN, you will find Datastax Cassandra ODBC DSN


Double click to configure,

For configuration, you need to have

  1. Host:- Host name where Cassandra is installed
  2. Port:- Port at which Cassandra is running
  3. User  Name & Password:- Default(u-Cassandra, p-Cassandra for version above 3.0)


Once done, Click test, It will give you the success message. Hurreyyyyy Configuration is done.

Step 3:- Open your Tableau Desktop, click on Other Databases(ODBC) and select Datastax Cassandra under driver list and enter the username and Password again2.png

Processing query and Wooooooooooooo… It’s done.

Now all you need to do is Select keyspace, schema, and Table and start Visualizing.

Joining Cassandra’s key-spaces.

Yes, joining Cassandra keyspaces, I guess many of developers who are working with Cassandra might have one question in their mind. that how is this possible, joining is not possible in NoSQL databases(click here for reference)

but yes using ODBC drivers we can join NoSQL databases as well…but how it happen??

Particularly while connecting Cassandra with Tableau joins are possible, let me show you first  how it looks like when we connect tableau with Cassandra and drag 2 tables to join(the same way we join two RDBMS tables/sheets)

but then one important question arises, that if NoSQL doesn’t support join then how these joins are happening because normally what happen in Tableau when we apply joins VizQL generated one query and that query is being passed to the data source and compute the output and send it back to Tableau. but if it is happening the same way then in NoSQL it will not work..

So the answer is, Joins happens at the ODBC level. Yes at ODBC level, based on the query generated by the query, ODBC takes the data from the tables used in that query and perform joins at its own level, that’s why joining Nosql Tables in the Tableau is possible.

Thanks for reading this, I hope this is useful to you.

Love to hear feedback, query if any.

Anil Saini

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